We at the Syrian American Will Association (SAWA) believe Syria and the Syrian people are at a major crossroads. So is U.S. policy toward Syria. SAWA seeks to inform and educate U.S. policymakers, media, and the general public about the fundamental human and social values of Syrian society, as well as the facts of the current imposed war that aims to destroy these values. SAWA believes that both the American and Syrian governments should work toward a positive political and economic relationship that will enrich each side and promote regional stability, with a secure Syria.

We at SAWA are determined that a better path can and must be taken.

SAWA advocates:

  1. An end to the conflict in Syria. SAWA believes in peaceful and national reconciliation through negotiation and constructive dialogue among the Syrians.
  2. A united, sovereign, secular, and democratic Syria under the authority of the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic and the will of the Syrian people.
  3. Rejection of all foreign aggression towards Syria. The future of Syria should be decided by Syrians and only by Syrians. SAWA opposes arming, training, and support of all groups like the so-called “moderate rebels.” SAWA opposes anyone, whether Syrian or non-Syrian, who takes up arms against the Syrian government seeking the violent overthrow of established law and order.
  4. A positive and mutually beneficial relationship between the United States and Syria. SAWA believes that a better political, economic, and cultural relationship between the United States and Syria as two sovereign countries can make an essential contribution to human civilization, and in particular the defense of civilization against terrorist groups.
  5. The safety, welfare, and prosperity of all Syrians. SAWA believes in the freedom of religion, speech, and the press for all Syrians. SAWA hopes for an early return to peacetime economic development and opportunities for improved education, employment, and well-being for all Syrians.


SAWA’s activities depend solely on donations from their members and private contributors who support SAWA’s goals. SAWA does not solicit or accept any support from any government. SAWA is a U.S. civic, social, and educational association of Americans of Syrian origin, as well of non-Syrians who support SAWA’s mission principles.