The Syrian American Will Association (SAWA) is a U.S. civic, social, and educational association established by Americans of Syrian origin who are concerned that American policy toward Syria is harmful to the national interest of the United States and is having a catastrophic impact on the Syrian people.  As set out in our Mission Statement, we at SAWA are determined to bring to U.S. policymakers, the media, and to the general public a better understanding of the true situation in Syria, and especially an understanding of why support for the so-called “moderate Syrian opposition” – who in reality are overwhelmingly non-Syrian terrorists – is a terrible mistake that must be corrected.  Syria needs peace and national reconciliation, not foreign-supported violence, which can only result in a heightened terrorist threat to the region and, ultimately, to the United States. SAWA is directed by a Board composed of distinguished Syrian-Americans living across America.  We invite inquiries via our Contact page and especially welcome questions from the media.  SAWA Board members are available for interview and will gladly accept offers to appear on broadcast or web-based media.

SAWA’s activities depend solely on donations from their members and private contributors who support SAWA’s goals. SAWA does not solicit or accept any support from any government. We invite financial support and welcome membership applications from people who share our perspectives.