Congratulating President Trump

Dear Elected President Mr. Trump:

The Syrian American Will Association (SAWA) is a not-for-profit organization under the local and federal laws of the US. SAWA is a group of Americans of Syrian origin living across the United States. Our objective is to help bring an end to the war that has been destroying Syria for the past 6-years, and to help provide our U.S. policymakers with the facts from fictions about the Syrian crisis, therefore, a peaceful solution can be reached.

On June 21, 2016, SAWA board of directors and its members sent you a letter wishing you a successful race into the Whitehouse. Today, SAWA organization and its members congratulate you on becoming the 45th President of the United States. We appreciate your stands toward all issues of your campaign including your views towards the Syrian situation. We encourage you to implement your campaign stands and would like to state the following points:

  1. SAWA organization and its members would like to bring to your attention the fact that the media is not even-handed on the important issues of the American people. The media has been shown such behaviors toward Syria for the past 6 years, and unfortunately took the same action towards your Presidency campaigning by portraying you in the wrong picture before the American people without respecting or letting the American people have their say.
  2. We at SAWA as American professional citizens watched all 3 debates of you and Secretary Hillary Clinton, we definitely felt and realized the fact that you were superior in all 3 debates. However, momentarily after the debates the media decided and announced that Hillary was the winner by a big margin in each debate.
  3. The voice of the American people was not respected during the campaign time, but fortunately the American people on the election day as well as we at SAWA have strongly spoken and voted for you.
  4. Furthermore, the media continued to be on the wrong side after the election day by providing coverage to a few hundred of protestors that are rejecting a well and fair election, which the majority of the American people spoke and supported you. Mr. President, freedom with respect of the majority is healthy.
  5. We at SAWA, strongly support your efforts to make America great again, each one of our board members conducts her and himself on a daily basis in a way that contributes to make America great.
  6. President, the majority of the Syrian people believe the current Syrian crisis is due solely to foreign elements and powers. We kindly ask you to stop those elements and to let the Syrian people  work their differences between themselves. Mr. President, if the foreign powers stop interfering in Syria today, the Syrian government will be able to win the battle against all terrorist groups and have security and peace restored in Syria in less than 2 years.
  7. The Syrian government for the past 6 years has shown willingness to reach a settlement in efforts to stop the bloodshed, unfortunately, it is the groups that are supported by the regional powers and the west have always ignored such efforts. Instead these groups choose to continue to hammer the ceasefire and let the Syrian people continue to suffer.
  8. It would benefit to realize the fact that the foreign powers who are supporting the groups fighting the Syrian government continue to play a major factor into the Syrian situation, and is the reasons why the Syrian war has not stopped.
  9. The majority of the Syrians are in support of President Bashar-Al-Assad otherwise he would not be able to stay in power today.

SAWA seeks a better relationship between Syria and the U.S. We at SAWA strongly believe if these groups come to power in Syria, we as Americans will not be safe because these groups are anti-humanity everywhere and towards anyone who does not share their killing doctoring and religious believes; whether that religious believe is Isis, Wahabizims, or Brotherhood believes supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and unfortunately our U.S. policy makers and current government.

With you being the President that speaks his heart and stands for what is right for the American people, the United States government should stand for the right against the evil, not endorse a war towards the legitimate  government of Syria. We the Americans should value the current fight that the Syrian government is facing with these killer groups on behalf of all civilized nations.

The U.S. and Syria should look forward to a better relationships on all fronts, act according to mutual benefit and promote what may serve the people of both countries. The majority of the Syrian people inside Syria and the American Community across many States would appreciate it if you  would take the steps towards a good relationship between Syria and the U.S.

We at SAWA wish you the best of success in your presidency and hope to meet with you to provide you with our input on the Syrian issues when and if your schedule permits.

Mounzer Ahmad

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